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Fall Landscaping Services

Sanderson Outdoor provides your home or business with a reliable fall cleanup for your garden, yard or business. Leaf removal and winter preparation are our business.

Most popular fall services:

  • fall cleanup
    • list specific tasks
    • etc.
  • top dress and over-seed for lawn
  • mulch now if not put down in the spring….
    its not too late!

Preparing for Winter

Book the following services:

  • book snow plowing service early if you haven’t done that yet
  • make sure to fertilize one last time late in the fall with a quality fall, winterization fertilizer to thicken up the roots in preparation for the winter
More winter services

Seasonal Landscape Care Tips for The Homeowner

  • dead-head flowers that have already bloomed and past their growing cycle to keep gardens tidy
  • if on a strict water budget, give a little to the lawn but more to the larger trees and shrubs on your property. Drought conditions can adversely affect larger trees up to seven years after the actual drought took place. Watering in the evening during droughts can help curb this strain.
  • this is a great time for stone work and carpentry projects during the heat of the summer
  • combat slugs on your property by filling a shallow plastic dish with beer and setting it in the garden. The slugs will be attracted to the beer, fall in and drown.
  • cider vinegar applied to white hydrangeas will turn the blooms blue
  • book an irrigation company to close down your sprinkler system in the fall

Landscaping Services for London, Ontario

At Sanderson Outdoor we offer all the landscaping care and maintenance services needed for you to enjoy your garden - without the effort!