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Spring Landscaping Services

Sanderson Outdoor provides your home or business with a reliable spring cleanup for your garden, yard or business.

Most popular sping services:

  • our spring cleanup service
  • our aeration service
  • our Fertilization service
  • top dress and over-seed the lawn
  • power washing service
  • mulch installation
  • consultations for landscape design/build services
  • an irrigation company to come out and open your sprinkler system
  • arrange for pool opening services

Preparing for Summer

Book the following services:

  • book professional property maintenance services
  • book an irrigation company to open your sprinkers
  • book your landscaping design project now
More summer services

Seasonal Landscape Care Tips for the Homeowner

  • set out rain barrels to collect downspout water to irrigate small lawn areas, gardens, flowerpots and planters
  • fertilize now, after temperature rises and revives turf growth (about mid April)
  • contact us now for Design/Installation consultation services before we book up for the season
  • now is a great time to mulch
  • add dolmetic Lime to areas of turf and garden underneath Pine, Spruce and Fir trees to raise the Ph level of the soil. Coniferous tree roots and needles acidify the surrounding soil causing poor growing conditions for many plants and most turf grass. Dolmetic Lime will help adjust this imbalance without harming the trees.
  • change oil in mower now and sharpen the blades before the growing season is upon us.

Landscaping Services for London, Ontario

At Sanderson Outdoor we offer all the landscaping care and maintenance services needed for you to enjoy your garden - without the effort!